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This is how it all started.

"Addiction and the Family" was the starting point for Recovery Tree in 2020 just before the pandemic hit full force. We (Casey and Kira) started in without much idea of what we were doing, flying by the seat our pants using recording equipment we had lying around from years in the music scene. Along the way, it has grown into something heard by people all over the world, spreading our core message of hope in recovery. 

The idea for doing a podcast began with the thought that Casey's first book would need a platform to build an advance audience, with some of the early episodes lifted out of early drafts of the book. Despite this humble beginning, it quickly took on a life of its own. We knew that families of people with addiction aren't offered a lot of resources, especially information that points them toward their own peace and happiness rather than focusing on their addicted loved one.  

We continue to publish new monthly episodes featuring topics and interviews that offer hope and help to both people who want to recover from addiction and anyone who loves them.