Mommy's Getting Sober

In his newest book, Casey and illustrator Skye Hilton worked together to help kids start to find hope and healing by giving them a voice and encouraging them to use it in facing the difficult subject of a parent's addiction. 

The message of the book, seen through a child's eyes, is based on years of working with family members of all ages, as well as his personal experience of wishing as a child that his own father would find sobriety.

In the back of the book is a caregiver's guide to talking to kids about addiction, as well as tips on how to help them avoid similar problems as they grow older.

Amazon customer reviews:


"Practical, comprehensive, and useful

Very helpful suggestions at the end for developing spirituality."


"This book does a great job showing that science and spirituality don't have to be enemies.  

I also like that there are references to trauma and lifespan development and how this impacts one's spiritual journey."

Spirituality for People Who Hate Spirituality

In “Spirituality for People Who Hate Spirituality,” Casey provides help for people who want to find a way into spirituality but struggle with it, and also gives professionals another tool in their toolbox to help clients around these issues. It’s all about helping people connect to their spirituality, with practical tools, personal stories, and exploration of the science behind it all.

"This book is for anyone who struggles with spirituality, loves it and wants to know more, wants ammunition to shoot it down, can’t understand why it’s hard for some people, finds it fascinating despite not knowing where it fits into their lives, wants to help others find it, or has been told they need it and is willing to find out if that’s true. I have fit into every one of those categories at some time in my life, sometimes more than one in the same day.

Most importantly, this book is for people who hate the idea of spirituality but know that ignoring it or pushing it away hasn’t gotten them where they want to be. That was me for quite a while, especially in my early recovery from addiction. I saw people who had been through the same things as me but were now thriving. They said they got there through spirituality. This didn’t appeal to me much, and I was pretty sure it wouldn’t work for me even if I tried, but I had run out of other ideas. If this is you too, let’s talk. I think I may be able to help." - From Spirituality for People Who Hate Spirituality

Amazon customer reviews:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Fantastic resource"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Best book for families affected by addiction"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "An incredibly informative book"

Realistic Hope

In "Realistic Hope", Casey shares the knowledge gained from conducting hundreds of family workshops and helping thousands of family members, and also weaves in his own narrative of recovery both as an individual and a family member.

Anyone who loves someone with alcoholism or any other addiction may be looking anywhere they can for hope. If so, this book offers hope and help. It presents the science of addiction in terms that are easy to understand, but also focuses heavily on practical concepts and techniques that anyone can start using right away. It answers many of the questions that come with loving someone who has an addiction, such as:

· What can I do to help?

· Why can’t they just stop?

· Where can I find hope?

· What is involved in recovery?

· What should I expect if my loved one goes to treatment?

· What practical skills can I learn to deal with addiction?

· How can I find peace and even happiness in the midst of all this?

All these questions and more are addressed to help people navigate the difficulties of being a family member to someone with addiction. This book can help them gain the knowledge and attitude they need and find realistic hope as they do.