Meet Casey

P. Casey Arrillaga is a clinical social worker and chemical dependency counselor who has lived with and around addiction for all his life. In his book “Realistic Hope: The Family Survival Guide for Facing Alcoholism and Other Addictions” and his podcast “Addiction and the Family”, he shares the knowledge gained from conducting hundreds of family workshops and helping thousands of family members, and also weaves in his own narrative of recovery both as an individual and a family member.

In his newest book, “Spirituality for People Who Hate Spirituality,” Casey provides help for people who want to find a way into spirituality but struggle with it, and also gives professionals another tool in their toolbox to help clients around these issues. It’s all about helping people connect to their spirituality, with practical tools, personal stories, and exploration of the science behind it all.

Casey works as a therapist at both Windmill Wellness Ranch, in Canyon Lake, TX, a treatment center for addiction and mental health, and InMindOut Emotional Wellness Center, based in New Braunfels, TX, where he does outpatient therapy.